Compliance Solutions for the Foodservice Industry.

We specialize in establishments requiring Grants of Inspection (GOI) for red meat and poultry slaughter, processing and import-export; restaurants, hotels and institutions; commercial kitchens; manufacturing facilities and bakeries.

Tasty Safety's expertise comprises all types of food safety programs such as HACCP, SSOP, SPS, and Micro Compliance. Services also include pathogen tracking and investigations.

Tasty Safety is uniquely positioned to offer broad, far-reaching services for companies seeking to serve the US import-export markets.

Meat & Poultry Slaughter
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Hotels, Restaurants & Institutions
Hotels, Restaurants & Institutions
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Commercial Kitchens & Manufacturing Facilities
Commercial Kitchens & Manufacturing Facilities
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Processing and Import-Export
Processing and Import-Export
Scope of Services

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About Tasty Safety


Joseph Realdine, CEO and Founder

JR’s nearly 30-year career with U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service included positions ranging from Slaughter Inspector to Supervisory Consumer Safety Officer and Frontline Supervisor. His real-world experience includes inspections of a wide range of facilities as a red meat slaughter inspector, poultry slaughter inspector, Halal slaughter inspector and processing inspector.

Recognized as an industry expert, Realdine is a frequent guest speaker including at the 2018 American Culinary Federation National Convention & Show in New Orleans.

As an inspector, Joseph was called as an expert witness in a successful USDA case against Homestead Gourmet Foods for repeated food processing violations -- and positive tests for Listeria monocytogenes.

Throughout his USDA career, Joseph received dozens of awards including a few USDA-FSIS Administrator Awards, as well as the Unsung Hero Award from the Organization of Professional Employees of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (OPEDA).

He brings real-life knowledge and experience from the front lines of food safety. He is a dedicated first-responder, as immediate boots-on-the-ground on the front lines of safe food service at Ground Zero (NYC), as well as for survivors of Hurricane Andrew.

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Food Safety Consultant Oahu Specialist Joseph Realdine
Joseph Realdine offers compliance-based solutions
for a variety of food processing facilities.


  • For outstanding service and efforts protecting public heath through collaborative FDA/USDA inspections that removed Listeria monocytogenes adulterated food products from consumer channels.

  • Mr. Molina compliments your professionalism and cooperation.  It is very gratifying to hear such good things about District inspectors.  I want to add my appreciation, not only for the way you handled this particular incident, but also for the continued excellent work you are becoming known for.  Thanks!
    George Puchta
    United States Department of Agriculture
  • I would like to recognize the professionalism of Inspector Joe Realdine who demonstrated to our government official and Argentine company representatives FSIS’s inspection procedures.  I understand this experience will help to minimize future inspection delays and shipment problems.
    Jose D. Molina, Minister-Agriculture Affairs
    Embassy of the Argentine Republic
  • Mr. Realdine’s outstanding professionalism and his fast and efficient actions saved us from a tremendous humiliation since the whole project was jeopardized and 5 months of work was eliminated.  Without any hesitations we should state that USDA must be very fortunate of having at its force, Officers with Mr. Realdine’s caliber of professionalism and efficiency.  Mr Realdine is really promoting the good will and exceptional international relationships among USA and Europe in the field of Agricultural services.  
  • It is a pleasure working with someone who takes such a positive approach, a problem solver who always tries to find a sensible solution, while working within the regulatory framework.  He is a real plus.
    David Biltchik
    Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma

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